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C Custom Binary Search not following Multiple Of Element Size rule and crashes

You appear to be trying to pass a pointer as an integer (see how ArrayPointer is declared as an int but you are casting it to a char **. You are then manipulating the integer with the binary search. This is why you are getting whacky results.

Instead, you want either to:

  • Pass 3 arguments to StringCompare: the address of the array (which can be treated as an opaque pointer passed from BinarySearch, and two integer offsets within that array; or

  • Pass 2 arguments to StringCompare which are each void * pointers, which BinarySearch can calculate using ElementSize, the pointer to the array, and the offset.

The first is cleanest in my opinion, and doesn't require you to pass ElementSize at all, either to BinarySearch or (in turn) to StringCompare, as in each case it can work them out.

For instance:

int StringCompare (int element1, int
element2, void *opaque)
    char *s1 = ((char **)opaque)[element1];
    char *s2 = ((char **)opaque)[element1];
    return stricmp(s1, s2);

Fixing up the binary search is left as an exercise for you, but it shouldn't require any pointer arithmetic at all.


Whilst the passing of pointers as integers (amongst other things - see int_ptr_t if you really want to do that) makes me deeply suspicious of the code, I suspect the problem is this line:

mid = LowerBound + ElementSize *
(UpperBound - LowerBound) / ElementSize / 2;

and that the compiler is evaluating that left to right, so multiplying by ElementSize before dividing by it.


int midoffset = (UpperBound -
LowerBound) / ElementSize / 2;
mid = LowerBound + ElementSize * midoffset;

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