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Rotating UIImage in Swift

'Extra argument in call' generally happens when one of the input types is incorrect.

You can fix your code with

var image = UIImage(CGImage:
otherImage.CGImage, scale: CGFloat(1.0),
orientation: .DownMirrored)

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Getting CIImage from UIImage (Swift)
If you are trying to work with filters, I worked around this playground bug: let pic = UIImage(named: "crumpled.jpg") let filter = CIFilter(name: "CISepiaTone") filter.setValue(CIImage(image: pic), forKey: kCIInputImageKey) filter.setValue(0.8, forKey: kCIInputIntensityKey) let ctx = CIContext(options:nil) let cgImage = ctx.createCGImage(filter.outputImage, fromRect:filter.outputImage.extent())

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SWIFT: Draw UILabel under UIImage
When setting the label's frame, you could use the imageView.frame as reference. Something like this: let labelX = imageView.frame.origin.x let labelY = imageView.frame.origin.y + imageView.frame.height label = UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(labelX, labelY, imageView.frame.width, 21)) // The last variable, 21, is the label's height. Change as you see fit.

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How do I import Apple's UIImage+Effects category into my Swift app?
You need to add it to your target's build settings: 1.In Xcode, if you go into the build settings for your target, and scroll all the way down you'll find a "Swift Compiler - Code Generation" section. 2.Set "Objective-C Bridging Header" to <#PROJECT_NAME>Bridging-Header.h 3.Now create a Bridging-Header.h file.Import sdk to Bridging-Header.h. You did the same?If not then try this. This work

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Rotating Function C++
If I guessd right what you want is the values to rotate among a, b, c. In your original funcion you have int r but in your final implementation r is missing. First of all take the r%3 and rotate by that amount. The rotate is pretty simple you had the initial idea just need to flesh it out properly.

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JS drawImage rotating images
Could you please try adding a self variable that points to this and then inside the draw function call the self.img, The problem might be the scope of this inside draw function. function AttackAnimation(target, caller, type){ var self = this; self.img = testImage; self.img.src = "img/slash_008.png"; self.x = (target.x + caller.x) / 2; self.y = (target.y + caller.y) / 2; self.angle = Math.atan2(ta

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