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Error SEGV in test C code on elapsed time in ARM Cortex M4 processor

You cannot get a SEGV in a #define as the #define is a preprocessor directive and doesn't form part of the output. It may be in the code produced by the #define. Are you deliberately reading an address from 0xE0001004, reading what's at that address as another address, then reading the contents of that? That sounds a pretty unlikely way to operate a clock.

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Get elapsed time as a formatted string
If you have the elapsed time in milliseconds (ms), you can print the time in mm:ss format in the following way: QString out = QString("%1:%2").arg( ms / 60000 , 2, 10, QChar('0')) .arg((ms % 60000) / 1000, 2, 10, QChar('0'));

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How to implement elapsed time by jiffies
You can do something like this : struct timeval start, finish; long delta_usecs; do_gettimeofday(&start); .. // execute your processing here .. do_gettimeofday(&finish); delta_usecs = (finish.tv_sec - start.tv_sec) * 1000000 + (finish.tv_usec - start.tv_usec); Since you are working on ARM arch, it may help to check the available resolution of your system timer by insmodi

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Calculate how many time (precision to millisecond) elapsed since 1970/1/1
It appears with 124958371942, OP is counting centiseconds and not milliseconds. There also is a timezone issue. It appears the 1970 timestamp is UTC and the 2009 date may be local. Various approaches to cope with timezone differences. A comon approach is to assume both the 2009/08/06 14:35:19.42 and 1970/01/01 00:00:00 are universal time. Another is that they are both local time. The follow

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Problems with processor architecture (x86 vs any cpu)
Check you build settings in detail. In addition to the architecture choice, there is a "prefere 32 bit" checkbox. This checkbox is checked by default for windows client applications, that's why your WinForms application runs in 32 bit and works. Most likely your Windows Service doesn't have that checked and therefore runs in 64 bit.

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C Pre-Processor Conditional Directive Precedence and Nesting
Try this .. . #ifdef NEW_SYMBOL_ABC // some new code here that takes precedence over the other two conditions #elif !defined(SYMBOL_XYZ) // some code here #else // some other code here #endif Above is what I commonly use and should work with gcc for sure. Not sure, but should work with visual c++ and other compilers.

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