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C read/write and clear FILE

fopen(fileLoc, w+) should do it. See

Update: Also, you might need to call positioning function (like fseek() or fgetpos()) in between the output and input operations, in accordance with the ANSI C standard:

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cannot write to a file using write(line)
line is a DataFrame object, not a character buffer object, and so can't be written directly to a file handler. To maintain formatting, etc. (depending on the contents of your df) you could try calling the to_json() function, then writing the resulting JSON string to your file. Alternatively, you could pickle the dataframe using to_pickle(), and write that to a file.

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jQCloud - how to clear it?
You can use jQuery empty() to remove all child nodes from your div and then call $("#example").jQCloud(word_list); again so that you can fill it up with new ones Try: $('#example').empty();

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ng-switch-when - does not clear the selection
It appears that you have two different values in your model. One for the cheque and one for the cash. Is that what you want? If you just want to use the ng-when to switch the label then you can take the input out of the switch and just have the one value in the model. <div class="col-xs-12" ng-switch="payment.type"> <div ng-switch-when="Cash"> <label class="col-xs-6 con

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Unexpected behaving of cin.clear();
Discarding everything that's in the input stream is not generally a useful thing to do. Someone could feed you a file to stdin, for example, in which case you'd discard everything, or your OS might buffer differently than you expect and you'd end up with unpredictable results. What you really want to do is to ignore the rest of the current input line. The easiest way to do this is to say #include

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Android stack is not getting clear
You can solve the issue by following solution. Using normal observer pattern which is implemented using core java. for observer pattern refer this Or same pattern implemented in android which is Broadcast receiver. In this solution every activity is registered for your custom broadcast Massage and once you launch Menu activity broadcast that message so that registered activities which can listen

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