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Converting ruby array into a hash with symbols

Something like this?

arr = [
  "ABC: OPEN",
  "123: OPEN",
  "XYZ: OPEN",

Hash[ { |x| x.split ": " }]

=> {"ABC"=>"OPEN",

If you want symbol key/values: Hash[ { |x| x.split(": ").map(&:to_sym) }]

Categories : Ruby On Rails

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You can do this in many ways, two of the "best" would be 1, sending variables in the format variable[key] = value php will reconise this and do the the conversion so $_GET['variable']['key'] would contain value. 2, send it as a JSON string use JSON.stringify(yourArray); (NOTE: IE8 and above support this, older versions need a libary like j

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Scala - converting array to map
I think this will do what you want: val array = Array(20140101, 20140102, 20140103, 20140104, 20140105, 20140106, 20140107, 20140108) val result = array. sliding(3, 3). // this selects 3 elements at a time and steps 3 elements at a time zipWithIndex. // this adds an index to the 3 elements map({ case (arr, i) => (i + 1).toString -> => "s3://" + a.toString).mkStr

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Since you know the size of the string (char array), you can just use a for loop. char temps[100]; size_t i; for(i = 0; i < 100; i++) temps[i] = tolower(temps[i]);

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You can use eval like this var str = '{blogid:"12345",date:"09.09.2014",uid:"0",author:""}'; var arr = eval('('+str+')'); // '(' and ')' are mandatory! console.log(arr['blogid']); // prints 12345 But be sure that string is safe for eval Check Don't use eval needlessly! chapter Safer way would be to use JSON.p

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I may not understand correctly what you are looking for, but I'll try. You need to read a line of String and split the String into array by spaces val converted => {line(7).split(" ")}) converted.collect The problem here is that (depends what you are doing) "Exception in task 1.0 in stage 2.0 (TID 5)" should be as a one String, not splitted. To do this we need: split

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