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Why is memory being allocated before malloc code has run?

An initial heap is allocated to the process by the OS when the process is loaded; if an allocation cannot be satisfied the heap is extended by requesting more memory from the operating system.

See for an explanation for example.

What you are seeing is the initial heap allocation to the process, not the total memory allocated by the process from that heap.

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It appears that you are comparing apples to oranges: When you print a[i] is at ... pointers, you show the addresses of elements inside the array a However, when you shoe the memory layout, you show the values at these addresses, which are themselves pointers, so the whole picture looks confusing. If you print the values at a[i] before assigning calloc results to them, you should get all zeros,

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You seem to be assuming that every call to malloc () will ask the operating system to allocate memory. That's very unlikely, especially for small allocations. You should expect allocations from the OS to be very, very rare.

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What you're doing in operator= makes no sense whatsoever. You should assign the state of the parameter to the current object. Instead, you create a new object and return a dangling reference to it. Try to google for "assignment operator" or "special member functions" or "rule of three" for details.

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The hprof doesn't show actual heap size, and its size depends on many things, like enabled/disabled compressed references, field layouting (the object size isn't just sum of sizes of its fields, but also headers and some gaps between fields) and so on. About memory reserving. The JVM does reserve memory for the heap, but OS doesn't allocate memory until it's needed. I would recommend you to use

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There shouldn't be a performance difference between vector and a dynamic array, since a vector is a dynamic array. The performance difference in your code comes from the fact that you are actually doing different things between the vector and array version. For instance: std::vector<int> primes(primes_count, 0); for (auto i = 0; i < max_prime; i++) { if (is_prime[i]

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