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Calculating the value with currency symbols

If you really don't want/cannot use built-in functions for currency or time formatting and if your data are always with the same format (i.e. currency symbol + value + per hour for this example, but anyway "forecastable"), then you could add to your project:

A string -> number function to "clean" your value from the currency symbol and the "per hour" symbol, to hence return it in double type:

Public Function StringToNumber(ByVal
stringValue As String) As Double

    stringValue = stringValue.Replace("£", "")
    stringValue = stringValue.Replace("/Hr", "")
    Return stringValue

End Function

A number -> string function to re-write the currency symbol and the "per hour" at the end:

Public Function NumberToString(ByVal
myValue As Double) As String

    Return "£" & myValue & "/Hr"

End Function

Like this, you will be able to perform all the operations you want by simply using these two functions that will allow to convert a data point (to be used into the code) at your pleasure:

Public Sub yourProcedure()

    Dim myString As String : myString =
    MsgBox("If I add 10 GBP per hour, the hourly
pay will be " &
NumberToString(StringToNumber(myString) + 10))

End Sub

This is the idea, if you have custom values such as "currency / value / per hour". I let you manage the possible complexity coming from different currency symbols or different time measures apart for "per hour".

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