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How do I send and receive messages using read() and write() using a shared file? (C)

There's two things here. First, you're opening write only in the receiver, which may cause your OS to not read from the file.

Also, there's no guarantee that the contents have actually been written to the file before you trigger the semaphore. You should also open your file with the O_SYNC option in order to ensure that any writes have actually been written to the hardware before the write call completes, e.g.

int fd = open("channel.txt", O_WRONLY |

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The code below: socket.on('news', function(data) { console.log(data); }); runs in your server application so you should see them in your cmd (windows) instead of the browser. Just to be safe hard code the socket.emit('news', {my: 'data'}); in your client application/script if you can't still see the log in your terminal. might not be available in the window if you do it that way. I

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Read-Write shared memory
So, you can arrange data in you IN shared memory by this way: int Number; bool Number_IsRead; // Initialized by 'true'. When you need to pass a Number, you should do Number_IsRead = false; Child should check Number_IsRead before reading Number. When Number has read, child should assign true to Number_IsRead. If you have 3 children who need to read Number, you should create 3 flags (bool Num

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Is there a way to exclude files not explicitly shared with the user from a script? ( aka files that are Shared with Everyone In Domain With The Link)
The problem here is that getAccess() method - and the same applies to getSharingAccess() and getSharingPermissions() methods,- is only available to file owner and explicit editors. Files not shared with Can edit permission directly with a user throw the error you see. There are several work-arounds available, though: If you need to only get files explicitly shared with the user with "Can edit"

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line is a DataFrame object, not a character buffer object, and so can't be written directly to a file handler. To maintain formatting, etc. (depending on the contents of your df) you could try calling the to_json() function, then writing the resulting JSON string to your file. Alternatively, you could pickle the dataframe using to_pickle(), and write that to a file.

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Your job isn't returning anything. Basically a job is like running a new console in the background. Any output made to that console can be retrieved with Receive-Job. However in your case, you assigned the result to your variable and that's it. The following should help: Start-Job -Name 'GroupName' -ScriptBlock { Get-PSSnapin -Registered | Add-PSSnapin; $aryProperties = @( "SamAccoun

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