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Scala - Getting the error scala.xml.NodeSeq

You are mixing up the types. Menu takes List[String] and not scala.xml.NodeSeq.

You get the error, because you are passing the whole node (scala.xml.NodeSeq), not just the content of it.

I can recommend this blogpost to review for further explanation:

I would recommend to get your representation right first always. The best way to organize your case classes is to match the structure of the nodes. E.g. in case of a <food> node, you'd probably want to introduce a Food class.

  import xml._

  case class Food(food: String, price: String,
des: String, cal: String)
  case class BreakFastMenu(foodItems: List[Food])

  def toFood(node : Node): Food = {        
    val name = (node  "name").text
    val price = (node  "price").text
    val des = (node  "description").text
    val cal = (node  "calories").text
    Food(name, price, des, cal)

  val menuXML =
  val breakFastMenu = BreakFastMenu((menuXML 

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