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SortedArrayUsingSelector unrecognized Selector

The problems is this line:

animals= [NSDictionary

When you create a dictionary with dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: the list of items you supply have to be objectA, keyA, objectB, keyB, objectC, keyC, nil. Right now it looks like all you have is objectA, objectB, objectC, nil. Which looks like this if you write it out:

animals = @{@[@"Bear", @"Black Swan",
@"Buffalo"] : @[@"Camel", @"Cockatoo"],
            @[@"Dog", @"Donkey"] : @[@"Emu"],
            @[@"Giraffe", @"Greater Rhea"] :
@[@"Hippopotamus", @"Horse"]};

When you call [[animals allKeys] sortedArrayUsingSelector:@selector(compare:)] it's calling the compare: selector on all of the items in [animals allKeys] which are NSArrays which don't support the compare: method and thus the unrecognized selector error.

Not sure exactly what you want but try this:

animals= [NSDictionary
dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:_A, @"A", _B, @"B",
_C, @"C", nil];

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