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Posting metric to google analytics from perl script

I am able to post analytics from my php scripts, but could not post analytics from perl script.

I solved my problem as follows. Created an utility php script and called that php script from my perl script. Then it worked.

    $ec = $_GET['ec'];
    $ea = $_GET['ea'];
    $el = $_GET['el'];
    $ev = $_GET['ev'];

    // Send event tracking as well.
    $url =
    $event_data = array(
            'v' => '1', 
            'tid' => 'UA-XXXXXX-Y', 
            'cid' => $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], 
            't' => 'event', 
            'ec' => $ec,
            'ea' => $ea,
            'el' => $el,
            'ev' => $ev);
    $event_options = array(
            'http' => array(
                'header'  => "Content-type:
                'method'  => 'POST',
                'content' =>
    $event_context  =
    $result = file_get_contents($url, false,

    echo "XXX";

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