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How can properties be updated in custom Section Header that was implemented via the storyboard?

I think, it good idea to for it on:



and, you should check, in which queue/thread are you call label update, it should be called only from main thread

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Even though you've already accepted your own answer, I'll take a moment to explain why you had that issue and how you can better structure your UITableViews in the future. The reason why "it shows all cells with these two buttons" when you don't have those removeFromSubview lines is because by implementing dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:, you're reusing your cells and the contents thereof. Rep

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How to get index path row of current section if the previous section is collapsed and has 0 rows
The idea with TLIPT is that you use a TLIndexPathDataModel to store your data items and then the TLIndexPathDataModel APIs let you easily convert indexPaths to data item and vise versa. So if you're using TLCollapsibleTableViewController, you'd do something like this: id myDataItem = [self.indexPathController.dataModel itemAtIndexPath:indexPath]; If you need to find the index in an external arr

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Best practice to transition between view controllers in a custom container view controller in a storyboard?
Since they're both contained within one ViewController, you probably won't transition between them using present and dismiss. I recently had a similar scenario where I finally went with using my own custom transitions from the ContainerViewController. There are some things to think about when using ViewController containment. You should checkout this link on, containing some go

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Everything you're doing is fine, but you need to define the email property on the controller: email: null Currently, since Ember sees no email property on the controller, it's passing it through and setting it on the model.

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Set custom header for the request made from tag
You cannot change the browser's HTTP request for resources loaded by the <img> tag. Whatever you are trying to do, you will need to find an alternative approach. For example, you could proxy the request through your own server and modify the headers there. Or you could parametrise the URL of the resource with a query string. As Alex points out, you may also be able to use an XmlHTTPRequest

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