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type mismatch; found :[controllers.Application.Userdata] required:[(String, String)]

Few points to note:

  • Put your case class Userdata outside the Application controller. That is move it inside controller package.
  • Also you can add @import at the beginning of your template, to import any arbitrary package or class.

Try this.

Application.scala: only one Userdata case class definition ( you had two of these classes defined )

import play.api._
import play.api.mvc._
import play.api.mvc.Request
import views.html._

case class Userdata(email:String, password:String)

object Application extends Controller {

  val userForm = Form(
    "email" -> text,
    "password" -> text

   def usercheck = Action{ implicit request=>

      formWithErrors =>
         Userdata => { 

    def index() = Action {
    implicit request=>

login.scala.html: use Userdata instead of (String, String)

@(form: Form[Userdata])
@import helper._

    <form class=frmuuser>
      <input type=text placeholder=email
      <input type=password placeholder=password
      <input type=submit value=login


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