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iOS show notification when something had happen in background?

You could try something like this. This will schedule a local notification to fire at a set date and time (you need to provide the NSDate and message).

NSDate *fireDate =   // whatever date and time you
want to fire the notification
NSString alertMessage = @ÔÇťAlert message!";
[self addNotification:fireDate

-(void)addNotification:(NSDate *)mydate
mymessage:(NSString *)mymessage 
  UILocalNotification *localNotification =
[[UILocalNotification alloc] init];
    localNotification.fireDate = mydate;
    localNotification.alertBody = mymessage;
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication]

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Send notification when app is background
I wouldn't go with AsyncTask for this purpose. If you want to send a notification when your application is in background mode, try using this code on your onPause() method: /** * Checks if the application is being sent in the background (i.e behind * another application's Activity). * * @param context the context * @return <code>true</code> if another application will be above this

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Schedule notification in background task
You can use Background Fetch for this, where the OS will "wake up" your app periodically to perform data fetching in the background. First, enable the background fetch capability for your app. In XCode 6, view your project, then go to the Capabilities tab, turn on Background Modes, and check Background Fetch. Then you'll have to implement some codes in the App Delegate: In application:didFinish

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Resuming current background activity on notification
If you want to continue again when you click the notification(in this case your application still running on background) than you can using this method : I've tried it and it works.

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How to suppress notification on lock screen in Android 5 (Lollipop) but let it in notification area?
You could set the notification's priority to PRIORITY_MIN. This should hide the notification on the lock screen. It also hides the icon from the statusbar (not sure if you want that), but the notification itself is still visible in the notification area.

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