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Given string x,y and z. Determine if z is a shuffle

You're right.

You never, ever HAVE TO use recursive algorithms. You're free to do so, but you can ALWAYS use an interative routine.

In this example, you could use arrays or allocate a memory block large enough to hold the result.

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determine string index
JOIN and INNER JOIN are redundant. You really just need an array like this: {"INNER JOIN", "LEFT JOIN", "RIGHT JOIN"} And once you have that, you'll notice that you always use the word join, and so you can change your code to always supply that part and only look for the first part in an array like this: {"INNER", "LEFT", "RIGHT"} At this point, your index lookup becomes much simpler.

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what's the most efficient way to shuffle huge bit-vectors using GCC
you could try rolling your own loop -- int ch1, ch2; while ((ch1 = fgetc(fp1)) != EOF && (ch2 = fgetc(fp2)) != EOF) { int i, dst = 0; // assuming msb goes first for (i=7; i>=0; i--) { dst |= (ch1 & (1<<i)) << (2*i + 1); dst |= (ch2 & (1<<i)) << (2*i + 0); } putc(dst >> 8); putc(dst & 0xFF); } You can ma

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Uniformly shuffle 5 gigabytes of numpy data
The following assumes your data is already divided into easily-retrievable records of some sort. (I don't know if there's a standard file format for numpy data.) Create an index of the data in the form of a dict, mapping each unique record ID (0 through n - 1) to some means of finding the data again. For instance, if it's all in one binary file, you'd store a tuple of the form (file_offset, re

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How to create a looping shuffle method in an array
The shuffle method will look like this : private void shuffle() { Deck ob = new Deck(); int x = deck.size() - 1; for(int i = 0; i < TIMES_TO_SHUFFLE + 1; i ++){ int r1 = (int) Math.floor(Math.random() * x); int r2 = (int) Math.floor(Math.random() * x); ob.swap(r1, r2); } }

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Algorithm of array shuffle with distance restriction
Here's some pseudo code that may help. Note that the algorithm is focused on conforming to the distance rule, sacrificing uniformity* in the process. choose a random array index (call it "i" ) there's number at array[i] (call it "A") set "count" to 0 for each "j" such that array[j] is a valid location for "A" { there's a number at array[j] (call it "B") if ( "B" can be legally moved to

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Given string x,y and z. Determine if z is a shuffle
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