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typedef is used on same struct twice

The first typedef gives the (anonymous) struct a typename. The second typedef defines a type of a pointer to the other.

tour_struct tour; // declares a struct.
tour_t ptr; // declares a pointer to a struct.

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Is there a way to declare an objective-C block typedef whose arguments contain that typedef?
rmaddy's comment is correct. Just as in C, a typedef cannot use itself. Basically, a typedef does not make a real type, but just makes an alias that the compiler expands out at compile-time. It is always possible to manually expand all typedefs in your program yourself (which is sometimes an instructive exercise), so that your program is written without typedefs. However, a recursive typedef canno

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Why is a typedef declaration not called a typedef definition?
A typedef declaration is a definition. N1570 6.7p5: A declaration specifies the interpretation and attributes of a set of identifiers. A definition of an identifier is a declaration for that identifier that: for an object, causes storage to be reserved for that object; for a function, includes the function body; for an enumeration constant, is the (only) declaration of the identifier; for a ty

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Const struct assigned to struct
It is not the same. You are trying to assign const pointer to a non const pointer. Another words: trying to assign Mutable pointer to a constant StudentType to a non-const pointer. It does make sense to change something that is declared const to no-cont, meaning you could change a value of a constant. What you are trying to do is to copy one object to another using shallow copy. in order to do so

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modify typedef declaration within if..else
If you find yourself writing identical code except for the types involved, it's often a good candidate for a template. A simple (untested) variant with no error checking or input verification: template<typename T> void convert(std::istream& in, std::ostream& out) { T data; while (in.get(reinterpret_cast<char*>(&data), sizeof(data))) { out << data

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C++11 : typedef std::function and argument on itself
Here is what I have which seems a bit better: struct callback_arg; typedef std::function<void(const callback_arg&)> callback; struct callback_arg : callback // callback_arg can be seen as a callback { // callback can be seen as a callback_arg callback_arg(const callback& a) : callback(a) { }; }; void Foo(const callback& val) {}; void Fuu(const callback& va

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