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Basic decryption for simple encryption algorithm

We iterate through each character(CharInEncryptedString) in the encrypted msg/string:

if (CharInEncryptedString  - Key <=
    DecryptedChar  = CharInEncryptedString - Key;
    DecryptedChar = ((CharInEncryptedString - Key)
+ 127) -32;

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Your plaintext, key and IV seem to be specified in hexadecimals, so you need to decode the hexadecimals to get to the underlying bytes instead of performing UTF8 encoding. You can get a byte array from hex here. Note that the name of the method should have something with hex in in, don't call it StringToByteArray or atoi or something stupid like that.

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In general you are required to perform hybrid encryption with ECC. ECIES for instance is basically a key agreement followed by symmetric encryption. So you cannot directly encrypt anything with ECIES, which is the most common ECC method for encryption. Basically you should couple it to a symmetric cipher. This is actually the best scheme for RSA encryption as well, most of the time. As you can

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Some points: A) Hashing of the encrypted data, with the hash not encrypted itself. One of the possible things a malicious human M could do without any hash: Overwrite the encrypted file with something else. M doesn´t know key, the plaintext before and/or the plaintext after this action, but he can change the plaintext to something different (usually, it becomes garbage data). Destruction is

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I think the Init and DecryptString methods use arrays as parameters but you are using strings, which are also basically also arrays in Delphi, but special ones. You have to point at the correct first item which is 1 unlike 0 in C. You can of course first also transform your AnsiStrings in array of bytes and feed that to the methods. .Init(aKey[1], ....) and .Decrypt(din[1]) hth

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When determining complexities, we don't include constants or coefficients. Instead of O(2N + 2), it should be O(n). We only care about numbers if they're exponential, i.e. 2^n or n^2, log2(n), etc. Putting that aside, are you sure this is O(n)? O(n) would mean that it runs n times, but it looks like j is going to catch up to n before n times. See what I'm saying? EDIT: Ok, here's what's going o

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