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How can I override Hash native brackets ([] access)

class Hash
  def [] key
    value = fetch key rescue
    case key
    when Symbol then "#{value}, as usual"
    when String then "#{value}, hooray!"
    else value end

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I have pydev but I couldn't find a key to jump to the end of the quotation marks. The closest I could see is Ctrl+Shift+P that takes me to the matching bracket. However I thought following may be useful for you: Hit Ctrl+Shift+L --> This will show you a list of all shortcut keys available If you hit Ctrl+Shift+L again it will take you to a preferences page where you can see what all are a

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Should I use list() or wrap in brackets?
You should not do either one. list.append works in-place and always returns None. So, mydict[my_key][my_value] will be assigned to None after Python executes either of those lines. You need to call list.append on its own line: mydict[my_key][my_value] = [mydict[my_key][my_value]] mydict[my_key][my_value].append(new_value) Also, list() and [] are two different things. Putting mydict[my_key]

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You could simply use capturing groups and also use [^"] to match any character but not of ", if you use w, it would match only the word characters and it won't work if there is a non-word character present inside the double quotes. s/"([^"]*)"/[$1]/g; Example: use strict; use warnings; my $string = '"test", "default", "left","right"'; $string =~ s/"([^"]*)"/[$1]/g; print "$string "; Output:

Categories : Regex
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This might work sed -e 's/[^{]*({[^}]*}).*/1/g' Test $ echo "integration@{Wed Nov 19 14:17:32 2014} branch: thebranch" | sed -e 's/[^{]*{([^}]*)}.*/1/g' Wed Nov 19 14:17:32 2014 Regex [^{]* Matches anything other than the {, That is integration@ ([^}]*) Capture group 1 { Matches { [^}]* matches anything other than }, That is Wed Nov 19 14:17:32 2014 } matches a } .* matches the rest

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Why do brackets mess up this math in objective-c?
It's just integer math and the usual rules for promotion of types. height * 6/4 == (height * (double)6) / (double)4 == (height * 6.0) / 4.0 whereas: height * (6/4) == height * (double)(1) == height * 1.0 since 6/4 == 1 and the parentheses force this to be evaluated first before promoting it to double. This is the same behaviour as in C, C++, Objective-C, et al, so you shouldn't be too surpr

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