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Rendering A Partial / Layout With Multiple Blocks

Take a look on rails presenters Maybe your solution is cells gem.

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Render a partial as a layout
I think that if you just want to include a partial in another view you should user render: <%= render partial: 'users/show' %> Perhaps in your other controller's action you have: @user = @some_object.user You'll need to pass in the @user to your partial. You might want to refer to a local variable, user, in your users/show partial and pass in the instance variable: <%= render parti

Categories : Ruby On Rails
How can I get my mvc partial view layout to display in two columns instead of one using kendo mvc
Are u using bootstrap? then the unswer is to use div wrapper with special class 'col-md-6'. Refer to for more information. <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="form-group"> <div id="databaselabel">@Html.LabelFor(m => m.database_name, "Database")</div> <div id="databaseedit">@Html.DisplayFor(m => m.database_name, new { @class = "form-con

Categories : Asp Net Mvc
Rails 4 Passing multiple variables through render partial
It's not clear what you're trying to do. If this is in a view page, which i assume it is because of the erb tag, then you would normally be rendering a partial, in which local variables need to be passed through in the locals hash: <%= render partial: 'material_fields', locals: {:f => builder, :feed => true} %>

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Calling same partial view from multiple parent pages
The PartialExtensions.Partial helper has an extension that takes a ViewDataDictionary as well the partial name, see You can use this to pass in whatever you want as key:value pairs, e.g. ParentViewName as a string. So from the parent views you can do @Html.Partial("PartialName", new ViewDataDictionary { {"ParentViewName", "ParentVie

Categories : Asp Net Mvc
Rendering multiple (simple)animation crashes with: ConcurrentModificationException
Ok so it seems that my assumption was indeed correct, and the problem was solved by simply: synchronized (explosions) { Iterator<Map.Entry<Animation, Point>> it = explosions.entrySet().iterator(); for (; it.hasNext();) { Map.Entry<Animation, Point> entry =; if (entry.getKey().isAlive()) { g.drawImage(entry.getKey().getCurrentState(),

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