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String interpolation not working for Ruby heredoc constant


const = <<-EOT.constantize


const = <<-EOT.gsub(/
/, '').constantize

This method that create string <<-EOF ... EOF put on the end of line, then constantize can't work properly. Removed undesired character , , s and all should work.

Look my test case:

conts = <<-EOF.constantize
=> ActionDispatch::Integration::Session
=> EOF

#> NameError: wrong constant name "Session

conts = <<-EOF.chomp.constantize
=> ActionDispatch::Integration::Session
=> EOF
#> ActionDispatch::Integration::Session

For many lines:

conts = <<-EOF
=> ActionDispatch::
=> Integration::
=> Session
=> EOF
=> "ActionDispatch::

Fix it:

conts = <<-EOF.gsub(/
/, '').constantize
=> ActionDispatch::
=> Integration::
=> Session
=> EOF
=> ActionDispatch::Integration::Session

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