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why yield can not work with while loop in scala

Because a while loop is a java equivalent while loop, and the 'for loop' is translated to function call of: <IndexedSeq>.map (if you use yield) or <IndexedSeq>.foreach (if you don't care the result).

Example Scala Code:

class ForVsWhileLoop {
  val dummy = for(i <- 1 to 10) yield i

  var dummy2 = Seq.empty[Int]
  var i = 0
  while(i <= 10)
    dummy2 :+= i

Compiles to (scala -Xprint:parse ForVsWhileLoop.scala):

[[syntax trees at end of               
    parser]] // ForVsWhileLoop.scala
package <empty> {
  class ForVsWhileLoop extends scala.AnyRef {
    def <init>() = {

    // the 'for loop' is translated to a function
    val dummy = => i));

    var dummy2 = Seq.empty[Int];
    var i = 0;

    // *******************
    // classic while loop
      if (i.$less$eq(10))

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