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CSS Custom checkbox do not hide :after and :before elements

In the first example your font-family is set to the default serif. In the second example, it's set to sans-serif by some styles included with the page. Either find out which of the styles are messing it up or set it manually to serif.

Anyway, AFAIK questions like "Here's a dump of my code. What have I done wrong?" don't really belong on SO.

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IE 8 custom checkbox image
checked is a bolean attribute. eg. both and are valid.... for interoperability with xhtml the full checked="checked" is required.... (xhtml conformance checking requires all attributes to be quoted strings).... possibly in IE8 though the full checked="checked" is required. try #elid[checked] i/o #elid[checked="checked"] A word of warning..... input elements also accept keyboard events. The spa

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Custom Checkbox Not Working in Chrome on Windows
I just had the exact same problem. Solved by inverteing the order of the pseudo classes in css Where it was: input[type=radio]:not(old):checked + label it has to become input[type=radio]:checked:not(old) + label

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Custom CSS checkbox only working when label has "for" attribute
The for attribute in the label tells the browser to move the focus to the input whose ID is identical to the value. This makes the label a labelled control for that input element. This question has also been addressed previously on SO: What does "for" attribute do in label tags? When you remove the for attribute on the <label> element or the id attribute on the <input> eleme

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Knockout 3.2: can components / custom elements contain child content?
It's impossible in 3.2, however it would be possible in next version, see this commit and this test. For now to you have to pass parameters to component via params property Define your component to expect content parameter: ko.components.register('modal-dialog', { viewModel: function(params) { this.content = ko.observable(params && params.content || ''); }, template:

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Knockout custom binding handler does not update children elements
You shouldnt be extending the bindingContext directly, you should create a child binding context. Then it will work how you expect it to. ko.bindingHandlers.container = { init: function(element, valueAccessor, allBindingsAccessor, viewModel, bindingContext) { // Make a modified binding context, with a extra properties, and apply it to descendant elements var innerBindin

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