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Ajax not working with JSP in username availability

You don't need ajaxComplete, when you get a msg just feed it to html()

success: function(msg){

Categories : Java

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ElastiCache Maintenance Window Availability
How long does it generally take? Under 60 minutes: "If a "maintenance" event is scheduled for a given week, it will be initiated and completed at some point during the 60 minute maintenance window you identify." How often: Software patching occurs infrequently (typically once every few months) and should seldom require more than a fraction of your maintenance window. If you do not specify a p

Categories : Caching
Setting up Duplicate VM's in Azure for an Availability Set
Ideally you'd store all your data in a shared and centralised location thst can be access from all VMs in the availability set, such as blob storage or an Azure Files network SMB file share.

Categories : Azure
Mysql Query to get booking availability for reservation system
SELECT `bookingtable.restaurant_table`, `bookingtable.no_people`, `bookingtable.booking_date`, `bookingtable.bookingend_time`, `bookingtable.bookingstart_time` FROM `bookingtable` LEFT OUTER JOIN `bookingtable` ON `bookingtable.restaurant_table` = `tablestructure.table_no` WHERE `bookingtable.booking_date` = "2014-11-05" AND `bookingtable.booking_time` = "11:00:00"

Categories : PHP
Azure: A guide for an availability set for Virtual Machine with a Storage
It's not possible to have an availability set span different regions as they are created inside the container of a cloud service. If you want to have high availability across different regions, you need to use the traffic manager which allows you to combine cloud services. This does however require you to deploy 2 separate cloud services and sync the data/storage in the back yourself. Yes. You ca

Categories : Azure
Batch file to check the availability of a specific port of a remote server
manually you can use telnet echo.|telnet 80 But telnet output cannot be handles so it's not useful for scripting. Here's one solution which is more or less cheating (as it creates an .exe file) , but is not downloades. As it contains binary data into hex string it's a little bit long ,so I'd had to use Another way.Using hybrid (should be saved as bat)

Categories : Windows
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