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Block elements only inside flex item?

Flex items are always rendered as blocks because flex layout only makes sense in a block-like layout. There are a few differences between flex items and block-level boxes which are covered in sections 3 and 4 of the spec, one being that flex items cannot float either, again because this would disrupt the flex layout (and conversely, neither can outside floats intrude into a flex layout).

You can apply different values of display to flex items (and hide them altogether with display: none), but this will only have the effect of establishing various formatting contexts for the children of the flex items, not the items themselves.

This includes display: flex, as you're demonstrating; what happens then is that the flex items become flex containers for their own children, which makes those children flex items in your nested flex formatting contexts. Because of this, floating those children won't work.

Note that in order to establish a flex layout, you only need to set display: flex on the flex container, not its children. All the children of a flex container that are not display: none will automatically be made flex items.

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