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Having pairs of static and instanced methods that perform the same tasks?

On the first part, "static methods don't mutate", that's widely used in OOP. I haven't heard of it being expressed explicitly. But it is common sense: "If you change an object, why would the method be static if it could be an instance method?" So I completely agree with the "static methods don't mutate".

On the second part, "instance methods do [mutate]", that's actually not as widely used. It rather depends on whether you decide your design to apply immutability or mutability. Examples from the Java API: java.lang.String is immutable, java.util.Date is mutable (most likely by accident / bad design), java.lang.StringBuilder is mutable intentionally (that's its purpose). Mutability can lead to defensive cloning in order to protect the code from mutation bugs. Whether this really is a problem depends on a few things:

  • Is it an API others will use? You never know how they will use your code... IMO it's more important to protect API code from mutation bugs than normal code.
  • How good is the unit test coverage? Would your unit tests find all the mutation bugs that might sneak in? If you follow TDD properly (Uncle Bob's 3 Laws of TDD), and it's non-API code, mutation bugs are very unlikely to sneak in without being instantly discovered.
  • If you have code that has to protect itself against mutation bugs using defensive cloning, how often is that code called? If defensive clones are created frequently, it might be better to use immutable objects than mutable objects. Basically this is the call of the number of calls of read-only methods (that would eventually defensively clone) of associating classes vs. the number of calls of mutator methods on the class itself.

Personally, I prefer immutable objects, I'm a fan of final (if I could change Java, I would make final the default for all fields and variables, and introduce a keyword var to make them non-final), and I try to do functional programming in Java, although it is not a functional programming language, as much as possible. From my experience I know that I spend significantly less time debugging my code than others (actually I run the Java debugger maybe twice a year or so). I do not have enough empirical data and proper analysis for creating any kind of "causal relationship" between experience, immutability, functional programming and correctness, therefore I will only say I believe that immutability and functional programming help for correctness, and you will have to come up with your own judgement on this.

Concluding on the second part, "instance methods do [mutate]" is the widely used assumption in case the object is mutable anyway, otherwise instance methods would clone.

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