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An efficient way to assign user_ids to huge dataset under certain conditions

use python dictionary as a lookup table to store node_ids and their corresponding user_ids. Retrieve tx_id, node_id list ordered by tx_id, and if a node_id appeared with two tx_ids, the tx which comes later will find that the node_id already stored in python dictionary and get the user_id from dict.

This is union-find partitioning problem, the question is how to unite sets(tx in your case) if they have a common node_id.

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CountVectorizer() in scikit-learn Python gives Memory error when feeding big Dataset. Same code with Smaller dataset works fine, what am I missing?
IIRC the max_features is only applied after the whole dictionary is computed. The easiest way out is to use the HashingVectorizer that does not compute a dictionary. You will lose the ability to get the corresponding token for a feature, but you shouldn't run into memory issues any more.

Categories : Python
Checking to see if each value in one dataset is equal to ANY value in another dataset column
You can use a sql left join to check the variables. You may need to add conditions to either the case statement or where clause: DATA CODES; DO CODE=1 TO 100; OUTPUT; END; RUN; DATA MY_CODES; DO CODE=50 TO 150; OUTPUT; END; RUN; Proc sql; Create Table Check as select a.*, case when a.code=b.code then 1 else 0 end as match from MY_CODES a left join

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can't delete twice from a dataset
Normally deleting from a collection while enumerating will throw an exception: Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute. In this case, if the data rows haven't just been added, calling DataRow.Delete() doesn't remove the row; it sets the RowState to Deleted, but the row remains in the collection until you call AcceptChanges (see the documentation for DataRow.Delete()).

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Get Inserted Row after .Net Dataset Row Added
If the column is an identity column you can find the new ID's in the inserted rows. You: "thanks. which object maintains a list of inserted rows?" You can use DataTable.GetChanges(DataRowState.Added) to get a DataTable with all DataRows which are going to be added. You need to use it before AcceptChanges was called. If i remember correctly TableAdapter.Update calls AcceptChanges at the end. The

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XmlDocument to DataSet only returning 1 Row
The following example works for me: Lists list = new Lists(); //SharePoint Lists SOAP service //Perform request XmlNode result = list.GetListCollection(); //Process result var ds = new DataSet("ListsResults"); using (var reader = new StringReader(result.OuterXml)) { ds.ReadXml(reader, XmlReadMode.Auto); } //print List Titles foreach (DataRow row in ds.Tables[0].Rows) { Console.WriteL

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An efficient way to assign user_ids to huge dataset under certain conditions
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