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Sorting arrays of intervals in perl?

You need to extract first number for every element, and do numerical comparison using <=> operator,

my @array = qw(1-5 7-9 10-15 20-58
123-192 234-256);
my @sorted = sort {
  my ($aa,$bb) = map /^([0-9]+)/, $a,$b; 

  $aa <=> $bb;
} @array;

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Process the files line by line. If there's no overlap, report the interval that starts earlier and advance its file. In case of an overlap, advance both files. #!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Data::Dumper; my @F; open $F[0], '<', 'file1.txt' or die $!; open $F[1], '<', 'file2.txt' or die $!; # Skip headers. readline $_ for @F; my @boundaries; my @results; sub earlier {

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Set::IntSpan use warnings; use strict; use Set::IntSpan; my @ary1 = qw(23-44 85-127 168-209); my $spec = join ',', @ary1; my $set = Set::IntSpan->new($spec); my $list = $set->holes(); print "$list "; __END__ 45-84,128-167

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It should look something like this, assuming the score is stored in index 1: Collections.sort(playerList, new Comparator<String[]>(){ @Override public int compare(String[] player1, String[] player2) { return Integer.parseInt(player1[1]) - Integer.parseInt(player2[1]); } } playerList is the list of your arrays. This method will sort the array list for you using the

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for displaying the array with some ng-repeat, you could use a filter There is orderBy filter but you can create your own filters. for the data model to be sorted and not only for presentation, you could use the javascript sort function for arrays and give it a sorting implementation which compares 2 elements.

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What you want is a uniform discrete distribution. Because the number of elements is not divisible by the limit, you would want some flexibility in the limit to keep it evenly distributed. To do so, you could just perform the sampling in elements/limit intervals, rounding the result to its nearest integer. If your limit is flexible and you can cover more ground by finding the biggest possible limi

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