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Tagging exceptions in Ruby, an explanation/alternative

Object#extend adds the instance methods of one or more modules, to the receiver object.

So when you do error.extend(AcmeHttp::Error) you are actually adding the instance methods of the AcmeHttp::Error module to error which is an exception (actually a class object).

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There is no command-line tool in SVN, to my knowledge, that will automatically fix the externals for tagging. However, TortoiseSVN gives you this option whenever you create a tag. It does this by making a second commit to the tag, after the tag is created, that sets all externals to a fixed revision on whatever path they are already pointing to. You could do this manually by tagging, modifying

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Well, you call with 123 as n, the function executes the statement: if (n < 10) // its false, so it continues with else: else { recursion ( n /10 ) // recursive call n/10 = 123/10 = 12 (as it's int) ... It will continue like this, recursively calling with n being 12 recursion (n/10) // second recursion call n=12, so n/10 = 1 then the function is executed, with n bein

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I know nothing about maze generation, but I also got curious about how this piece of code works. Here are some insights: These two lines print the maze: for (a, b) in zip(hor, ver): print(''.join(a + [' '] + b)) So what happens if we put these lines right after the three lines that define vis, ver and hor? We get this: +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ | | | | | | |

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