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Complexity of enum.values()

The array returned by Colour.values() always contains the same elements, but values() creates a new array every time it's called (so it's O(n) where n is the number of enum values). And you never modify that array. So calling the method every time you need it is a waste of time. And storing an array in every instance of your DataStructure class is a waste of time and memory. I would simply call the method once and cache that array in a constant:

private static final Colour[] COLOURS =

public Colour getRandomColour() {
    return COLOURS[rand.nextInt(COLOURS.length)];

Just make sure this array is never exposed outside of the class.

Also note the usage of Random.nextInt(limit) which does exactly what you want, is probably faster, and expressed the intent more clearly than using a modulo.

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