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Text overlying Text and be scalable.

Giving absolute Position to a child that does not have relative parent , will set it's position relating to BODY . add position:relative; to nav in css , and everything will be OK ;)

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How would I record the position of multiple objects, while still being scalable?
You should probably create some class that contains those two ints and one boolean. Then you can have a single List<YourClass>. public class YourClass { private int a; private int b; private boolean c; public YourClass (int a, int b, boolean c) { this.a=a; this.b=b; this.c=c; } // add some getters and setters here } void updateStuff(int i1

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AZURE VM scalable design environment for testing
Part of your question is subjective and opinion-soliciting (the part about architecture pointers/advice), and should be removed (since there's no right answer). As to Roles and Cloud Services: Each role just defines what will be running on a virtual machine, and each instance of a role translates to a separate VM. Two roles? Two sets of vm's (one per instance per role). If you want your code all

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Cassandra: what is the most scalable data model for managing tags?
Like most things in Cassandra, it really depends on your queries, and data size. Can one tag have values that go over one or a few hundred meg? In that case, you'll want to bucket within a tag. Are you trying to look up values for two tags together? In that case, you might create a tag out of multiple tags. This is assuming simple text tags. With huge data sets, simply having tags-> values may no

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