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Java ObjectOutputStream reset error

I think you're misunderstanding what reset() does. It resets the stream to disregard any object instances previously written to it. This is pretty clearly not what you want in your case, since you're sending an object to the stream and then resetting straight away, which is pointless.

It looks like all you need is a flush(); if that's insufficient then the problem is on the receiving side.

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Python .readline() reset
I had a similar problem. The way that worked for me was to check for EOF first and then raise a ConnectionError exception if true. So for your code I would add the following: while True: try: if client_reader.at_eof(): raise ConnectionError data = (yield from asyncio.wait_for(client_reader.readline(), timeout=1.0)) i

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Highcharts reset y Axis
You can simply remove extremes from axis. In general, I would suggest using axis.setExtremes(min, max) instead of axis.update(options). setExtremes should have much better performance in compare to update. Code: $('#setDefault').click(function (ev) { $('[data-chart]').each(function (item) { $(this).highcharts().yAxis[0].setExtremes(null, null); }); }); And demo: http://jsfiddle

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JavaScript timer won't reset
You're not clearing the timeout in the reset. it should be clearTimeout(countdown); like this fiddle

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How to reset a text box using a function tag
You wanted to clear an input when user click the <td>? You can just add a function like this: function clear(ID) { document.getElementById(ID).value = ""; } Then change your onclick event in <td> like this: onclick='clear("txt")' So it'll set the value of #txt to empty. EDIT: Didn't see your edit while I typing this answer, I suggest that you can open the javascript cons

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What is the difference between git reset and git revert?
As far as I know, they are doing totally different thing. git revert aimed to revert effects of previous commit. For example, A <- B <- C ^ HEAD If I found B I committed before is wrong, and I want to "undo" its change, git-revert-ing B will cause: A <- B <- C <- B' ^ HEAD for which B' is reversing the change done in B. git reset is more straight-

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