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Item added to ActionBar programmatically

Your menu item doesn't have the android.widget.SearchView action class assigned to it, and therefore you get null from the getActionView() call. Basically, you're missing the code equivalent of the android:actionViewClass attribute from this example in the Android docs.

You can use the setActionView method of MenuItem to add it.

Another thing: you're not really supposed to just make up ID numbers in code, because the resource system can't prevent number clashes that way. You'll want to put a <item type="id" name="menu_search"/> in one of your values XML files and replace the all the 1s by

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Changing Actionbar Background programmatically in one activity, changes in whole application
What is your context here? If it is pointing to the Application, it might do so. Try directly using getActionBar().setBackgroundDrawable(mActionBarBackgroundDrawable); in your Activity or if you are calling from Fragment getActivity()getActionBar().setBackgroundDrawable(mActionBarBackgroundDrawable);

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Added a UIViewController to storyboard but can't read it programmatically in xamarin ios
It didn't require me to change anything. Just CLEAN THE SOLUTION and DEBUG/RUN again and that worked for me. But as @Dimitris wrote in the comment that it could have been an issue with the casting. Then why i exactly it was a messing with the new UIViewController and not the old ones and what did cleanup had to do with it , that it runs fine till date after cleanup?

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ActionBar to my PreferenceActivity
You can use PreferenceFragments in a ActionBarActivity instead. PreferenceActivity is deprecated anyway.

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NullPointerException on ActionBar
Since you're using ActionBarActivity (from support library), you need to invoke the support method: getSupportActionBar(); Edit-Reply to the comment: In the same way you did: getSupportActionBar().setCustomView(view, new ActionBar.LayoutParams(ViewGroup .LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT)); However make sure to import only the ActionBar from the support

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Set up toolbar as actionbar in fragment
ActionBar is an Activity property. If you want to set a toolbar from a given fragment as the ActionBar of the owning Activity, then get the Activity that owns the fragment (Fragment.getActivity()) and set its ActionBar property. Then juse use the same setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled method you mentioned to begin with on the ActionBar after setting your toolbar as the ActionBar to get the back / up butt

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