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How to order css property?

In css the last value you set to a property is what matters... In the code you posted, the margin-top: 10px will be overriden by margin: auto (the top margin will be set to auto)

If you move the margin:auto as the first element, then your top margin will have 10 pixels. You can also force a value using marging-top: 10px !important, but that is hard to mantain if you use it a lot.

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your example doesn't show property injection. your example shows the container being used outside of the Composition Root which is a bad idea. Generally you should construct your object graph in a single place, the afore mentioned Composition Root, and should not allow your container to be used outside of this location. You should prefer constructor injection over property injection, and see this

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Yes. it looks that you are right and text will be update twice. The simple example: Rectangle { id: testRect width: 200 height: width - 100 Text { text: "value is " + (parent.width + parent.height) onTextChanged: { console.log("text was changed (" + parent.width + "," + parent.height + ")"); } } MouseArea { anchors.fill: parent

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explode function isn't retaining order but putting words into alphabetical order within the array
explode doesn't change the order of the string elements check the result of this <?php $arr = explode(",", $variable); foreach($arr as $element) { echo $element; }

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SQL server SORT order does not correspond to ASCII code order
The collation is not BINARY. It is CI case insensitive, so it will fold upper and lowercase characters to sort the same. It defines the sort order of punctuation and digits in a non-ASCII way as you have discovered. It is a SQL collation, doing what SQL collations do: define the sort order according to some particular rules.

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do you have an inverseattribute above MenuID in other EF entities? would you have a look at a similar example here: also this one:

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