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primitive type float with unicode characters in java

float has 32 bits and a range between ±1.4E-45 to ±3.4028235E+38 Unicode has 16 bits and a range between u0000 to uFFFF or 0 ... 65535 Therefore float f = u0038 works because float format larger than char format. So nothing gets lost. But if you reverse the assignments as following you'll see the work of casting and the significant meaning of a format.

float f = u0038;   // OK because 16
bits fit a format of 32 bits
char x = (char) f;  // no complaint because you
"explicitly" cast f 
                    // and take risk of losing
char y = f;         // javac will complains
"error: possible loss of precision" 
                    // in order to warn you about
the hidden "bugs" you might get... 

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