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Avoiding SQL injection in Azure DocumentDB Stored Procedures


Happy to say that as of 1/14/15 - DocumentDB does support SQL parameterization. Support has been added across the .NET, Java, Node.js, and Python SDKs, as well as the REST API. Enjoy =)

Here's an example using the .NET SDK:

IQueryable<Book> queryable =
new SqlQuerySpec { 
                    QueryText = "SELECT * FROM
books b WHERE (b.Author.Name = @name)", 
                    Parameters = new
SqlParameterCollection()  { 
SqlParameter("@name", "Herman Melville") 

Original Answer

DocumentDB does not support SQL parametrization yet... so you will want to sanitize your inputs to avoid unintentional exposure of data on reads (e.g. for multi-tenant applications).

That being said... the DocumentDB SQL injection attack surface area is fairly limited - as DocumentDB SQL only supports read-only queries. In other words, you do not have to worry about unintentional writes/updates/deletes in the context of DocumentDB and SQL Injection.

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