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How to move the button to the west layout and move the shape

to add your button to the west border you need to use a BorderLayout in the parent component and add your button by using add(button, BorderLayout.WEST)

To move your shape you have to make sure that you are making some change to the x or y position of your shape. just calling the repaint method will not work if you do not change the x or y position of your shape .

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After cicking button its not showing any shape in my panel
revalidate needs to be called before repaint panel.revalidate(); panel.repaint(); Typically paintComponent is overridden instead of paint in Swing with super.paintComponent being called to update child components

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save button is not being displayed at the end of layout in android
While you designing in this case first set layout align top and another(the layaout to be at bottom) is align bottom and place all other layouts are between these two layouts.. RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:tools="" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent" android:background="#ffff

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Android button layout adapting to screen size
On the button part change: android:layout_width="20dp" android:layout_height="20dp" Use specific DP sizes to keep items the same physical size on different screen (replace 20 with your desired size).

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Why is the button disabled work if I draw two shapes and undo and not if i draw one shape and undo?
What I think cause the issue was that when i constructed the button with the action, I did something like JButton button = new JButton(new UndoAction(.....)); And later in some part of my code, I called button.setEnabled(true); I am not sure how the setEnabled on the button affects the action enabled state but after i made sure that all calls that affected state came from the Action class,

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Google Glass Immersion Custom Layout without CardBuilder.Layout.EMBED_INSIDE
You don't need to use the CardBuilder if you prefer to use your own custom layout: make sure to follow our design guidelines to make sure you meet our specs. To use your custom layout, simply inflate a View as you would normally and use in your application. For an Activity, you could something like: @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle bundle) { super.onCreate(bundle); setContentVie

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