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Sending Javamail in Spring MVC

You never set a From address in your Message so JavaMail is getting it from the configuration of your computer, but your computer isn't properly configured to have a fully qualified domain name, probably because it's using DHCP to get its IP address.

Add a call to message.setFrom and it will work a lot better.

Also, you're using a very old version of JavaMail, and because of that the debug output you posted includes your password in a form that anyone can decode it. You might want to change your password immediately. And upgrade to a newer version of JavaMail.

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Can I use JavaMail to send SMTP mail over a specific interface?
I don't think your question made any sense at all. When you're sending email via SMTP, you have to choose a SMTP host (either an IP address or a DNS alias name which will then be resolved to an IP address). Your OS will then pick which network interface to use based on the configured routing table. Routing IP address to an interface doesn't sound like an application layer job at all.

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Sending email to an admin when new ticket is submitted by a user is not sending
Well after some trial and error it turns out I had too much going on I guess. Some clarification as to why the above works for new user registration but not for my new ticket submission would be an even better answer. Below is the way I got it to work using ActionMailer. New file admin_mailer.rb and got rid of after_create and send_ticket_notifier in ticket.rb # /mailers/admin_mailer.rb #######

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Integrate spring-reactor into existing Spring Framework 4 STOMP Over WebSocket application
Actually the RingBufferAsyncTaskExecutor isn't ThreadPoolTaskExecutor, so you can't use it that way. You can simply override clientInbound(Outbound)Channel beans from your AbstractWebSocketMessageBrokerConfigurer impl and just use @EnableWebSocketMessageBroker: @Configuration @EnableWebSocketMessageBroker @EnableReactor public class WebSocketConfig extends AbstractWebSocketMessageBrokerConfigure

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Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, CrudRepository, file based read only database packaged in JAR
did you find a solution to this? Maybe using schema.sql and data.sql as described in the docs would provide a solution to this.

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How to enforce/verify spring scope annotation on spring beans
You can use AspectJ's ability to declare errors and/or warnings based on pointcuts. Disclaimer: I have never used Spring, so I am not an expert there and just making up an example without much sense for demonstration. Spring bean with prototype scope: package; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Scope; import org.springframework.stereotype.Component; @Component @

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