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How exactly works Spring JUnit test that uses stubs?

You got it.

Most of the time, you don't create a Stub class explicitely though, but use a mocking framework like Mockito which creates it, dynamically, for you. For example:

AccountRepository stub =
authenticator = new AuthenticatorImpl(stub);

Account(“lisa”, “secret”));

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A few spring junit tests doesn't rollback. Because of out of memory errors?
Does out of memory errors cause the rollback to fail? Or could it be something else? The jvm cannot execute anything after it experiences an OutOfMemory Error. Since spring started the database transaction, it is supposed to be one who needs to call transaction.rollback(). Because your maven test suite experiences a OutOfMemory Error, rollback is never called and that should be the root cause

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Is there a way to tell whether a JUnit test is being run from Ant?
One way to accomplish this would be to include a property in the junit task in the Ant script: <junit fork="yes"> <jvmarg value="-Druntime.agent=ANT"/> ... </junit> Then, in your JUnit test harness inquire about the existence and/or property for that property: String agent = System.getProperty("runtime.agent"); if ("ANT".equals(agent)) { // set up file logging } else

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safe1 cannot be resolved (JUnit)
safe1 is declared as a local variable in your setUp() function. If you want it accessible from other methods, it should be declared as a data memeber: public class SafeTest { Safe safe1; Safe safe2; @Before public void setUp() { safe1 = new Safe(); safe2 = new Safe(); safe2.activate("Initial"); } @Test public void testSetToActiveWrong() {

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How to run also ignored tests in JUnit 4 from command line?
It turned out this is quite easy achievable with: JUnitCore junit = new JUnitCore(); BlockJUnit4ClassRunner(MyClass.class)); I will leave this answer open if anybody comes up with something better, which just prevents IgnoredClassRunner to be invoked for classes annotated with @Ignored

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JUnit Parameterized Tests Processing
I think your testing is going to get ugly, fast, unless you have a way of resetting your static class to a known state. I would recommend you expose a package-private method that allows you to reset the ID value to something specific (e.g. 0). Tests should be entirely independent of one another, even within the same test class.

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