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Reducing code duplication in constructors of subclasses

You can call one constructor from another (without creating a new instance) with this

public MyClass(String value) {

public MyClass() {

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A Framework of subclasses
You can supply a static library (.a) and the public headers... which is sort of what a mac Framework is (that uses a dynamic library, but it is a library with headers.) ... MainView.h @interface MainView : UIView -(void) someMethods; @property int someProperty; @end then just supply them with a compiled version of MainView.o probably packaged as yourlib.a and that header... They will just imp

Categories : IOS
Reducing repetition in
You could do it by naming your controls suffixed with a counter, like: LBHeater1, LBHeater2... Then use that counter to find the control. Something like this: For i = 0 to IDS.Devices.Thermal.FrmThermal.Temperature.Length - 1 Me.Controls.Find("LBHeater" & i+1, False)(0).Text = IDS.Devices.Thermal.FrmThermal.Temperature(i) Next Note: Mark the second parameter to Find as True if you

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Effect of `Super` keyword in Exception subclasses
Your question has nothing to do with Exception. Classes are there so that you can either use them or (in most cases) extend them to make it more useful for your own benefit. Exception is just another class in standard Java libraries and depending on what kind of Exception you are trying to model, it could either be Checked or Unchecked. Read about Exceptions in Oracle's documentation. "Super" k

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Reducing/summarising multiple tables with SQL?
One way to solve this is by adding a sequential number to the sales lines. Then you can use conditional aggregation to choose only one value: SELECT saledateid, sum(sl.quantity * sl.unitamount), sum(case when seqnum = 1 then s.saleamount end) FROM sales s JOIN (SELECT sl.*, row_number() over (partition by saleid order by saleid) as seqnum FROM salelines sl ) sl USING

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Reducing Condition statement for Large data
That's about as efficient as it gets, the only thing that will make it a bit faster is using a switch statement. for ( i = 0; i < myArray.size(); i++) { switch(myArray[i][0]){ case '#': // Do stuff break; case '$': // Do stuff break; case '%': // Do stuff break; } } I'm also assuming you're only doing this once. If you're doing it more than

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