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indoor map returns false after the first run, setIndoorEnable

According to google docs about setIndoorEnabled(boolean enabled) :

Sets whether indoor maps should be enabled. Currently, indoor maps can only be shown on one map at a time and by default, this is the first map added to your application. To enable indoor maps on another map, you must first disable indoor maps on the original map. If you try to enable indoor maps when it is enabled on another map, nothing will happen and this will return false. When Indoor is not enabled for a map, all methods related to indoor will return null, or false.

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You can try: $line = file($target_file)[0]; $line2 = 'S01700006275696C642F697269732F6D61696E2E7372656343 '; echo $line; echo "<br>"; echo $line2; if(trim($line) === trim($line2)){ echo "<br>true"; }else{ echo "<br>false"; }

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Request.IsAjaxRequest() always returns false
have you enabled the unobtrusive javascript in the web.config too? <appSettings> <add key="ClientValidationEnabled" value="true"/> <add key="UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled" value="true"/> </appSettings> Request.IsAjaxRequest() function checks the http header "X-Requested-With": if the value is "XMLhttprequest" it returns true, false otherwise.

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typecast BOOL always returns false in iOS 8.1.1
First of all you are using setValue:forKey: and valueForKey: that are KVC methods, This is strong mistake. You need to use setObject:forKey: and objectForKey: to write/read objects from NSMutableDictionary. Also you are casting NSNumber to BOOL, which will have unexpected behavior. Instead of that code, use [userData setObject:@YES forKey:@"IS_AGENT"]; BOOL isAgent = [[userData ob

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Perhaps your stylesheet uses xpath-default-namespace and that way the path does not work. Try <xsl:value-of xpath-default-namespace="" select="$LOOKUP/labels/label[@ead='unittitle']" />.

Categories : Xml
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Don't use alloc/init for NSUserDefaults. It's a singleton. You're supposed to use the class method standardUserDefaults to get a pointer to the shared user defaults object: NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];

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