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How to use string[] in which I added data from my database in Alert Dialog.Builder?

You are creating a String array of size 100, which is most probably not the exact number of elements in the Cursor object. Therefore, some of this elements will probably be null and hence cause the NullPointerException

You should probably initialize it like this:

Cursor c = db.getAll();
String item[] = new String[c.getCount()];

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Based in this Google Groups post, you can do it just by overriding the View.dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent method. For example: @Override public boolean dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent(AccessibilityEvent event) { //super.dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent(event); event.setBeforeText("My custom alert title text"); event.getText().clear(); return true; }

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This exception most likely occurs if you use an Application Context instead of an Activity Context to initialize the Dialog. Do you initialize your CheckConnection object with getApplicationContext() or alike? If so you should pass an Activity as your Context. Edit: Taking your code from your comment, you just have to change checkConnection = new CheckConnection(getActivity().getApplicationCont

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