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How to handle form data while switching between multiple frames

Consider having one non-GUI model class, that can be passed into the view (GUI) classes, either via a constructor parameter, or a setter parameter, i.e., public void setModel(Model model). Then all views can have the same Model instance passed into them.

When the first window has its data "submitted", it submits it into the one shared model. If you're using a Model-View-Control structure, then this is usually done by the Control, but if your program is simple, a Model-View is probably all you need. The other windows can be notified by the Model of the changed data, and then change their displays accordingly.

But as an aside, also please ask yourself, how many professional applications do you use that jump from window to window? Not many because it is a very distracting and often unpleasant experience for the user. Most use a single main application window that swaps gui views within this window and with an occasional dialog window popping up when information is needed in a modal fashion. Please have a look at The Use of Multiple JFrames, Good/Bad Practice?

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Looping frames, and using keyboard listener to continue to next frames
Should be as simple as creating a new symbol that will contain your animation of 180+ frames. Inside this symbol/movieclip you can add code on frames which you need to loop (F9). So on frame 180 you'd write gotoAndPlay(1);. And when you need to continue from the parent call clip.gotoAndPlay(181);

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Handle multiple $watch in Angularjs
Ok so I guess a Solution for the loop could be to unwatch other watches and then re init the watches (still feel dirty) : blog for unbind : function init(){ $scope.unbindStart = $scope.$watch('startDate', function() { $scope.unbindStart(); $scope.unbindEnd(); $scope.unbindDuration();

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You can attach continuation for all your tasks and wait for them instead of waiting directly on the tasks. static async Task<string> DownloadAllAsync(IEnumerable<string> urls) { var httpClient = new HttpClient(); IEnumerable<Task<Task<string>>> downloads = urls.Select(url => httpClient.GetStringAsync(url).ContinueWith(p=> p, TaskContinuationOptions.Exe

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How to handle multiple submit buttons in an angularjs form
As I see it, you have two options: 1: Use an ngClick event on the "save and add another" button and remove the "type='submit'" portion. Then in whatever function you call gor the ngClick, you can save and then reset the values, calling save() within that function. 2: Remove the ngSubmit altogether and just use ngClicks for both buttons.

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What is the proper way to handle multiple clients connections on linux server
In general, threads are quite costly: each thread wants its call stack (typically megabytes) and consume a task in the scheduler. So the common advice is to have a few dozen threads at most (perhaps using some thread pool). Probably a hundred threads could be reasonable (on some powerful server), but many thousands threads probably won't be reasonable: even idle threads are somehow expensive. So

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