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Using OpenGL for Image Processing - Setting up an OpenGL context

You don't have to use a GLSurfaceView. GLSurfaceView is a convenience class written purely in Java. It simplifies the setup part for applications that want to use OpenGL rendering in Android, but all of its functionality is also available through lower level interfaces in the Android frameworks.

For purely offscreen rendering, you can use the EGL interfaces to create contexts, surfaces, etc. Somewhat confusingly, there are two versions in completely different parts of the Android frameworks:

  • EGL10 and EGL11 in the javax.microedition.khronos.egl package, available since API level 1.
  • EGL14 in the android.opengl package, available since API level 17.

They are fairly similar, but the newer EGL14 obviously has some more features. If you're targeting at least API level 17, I would go with the newer version.

Using the methods in the EGL14 class, you can then create contexts, surfaces, etc. For offscreen rendering, one option is to create a Pbuffer surface for rendering. To complete the setup, you will typically use functions like:


The Android documentation does not really describe these functions, but you can find the actual documentation at the Khronos web site:

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