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(Java, BricxCC) Unable to create process bash

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(Optional) To enable RCX brickOS C/C++/Pascal support and leJOS Java support you can now download an all-in-one setup executable which installs a small subset of cygwin along with pre-built H8 tools. NOTE: If you get an error when you try to run the installer that it is missing BricxCCSetupCygwin.002 that means the download did not complete successfully. Please try to download it again during off-peak hours or using a download manager utility of some sort. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the cygwin configuration and H8 compiler tools then install the minimal brickOS and leJOS for BricxCC and you are ready to go (except for leJOS, which still needs to have a separately installed Java Developers Kit).

The Cygwin subset includes bash. Did you download and install this optional version?

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