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SBT sub-sub projects don't work?

How do you use sbt? Meaning, through IDE or command line? I had problems with my multi module project in IntelliJ but recent updates resolved my problem.

The updates included IntelliJ itself (from 13.3 to 14.0) and scala-plugin to 1.1 version.

When I used to run my project from not IDE everything worked out smoothly but when I switched to IntelliJ it was auto creating modules scala facets and what made it not compile-able. Second problem was with folders names that contained space char - UriException. Both updates resolved issues.

Could you check if it works from cmd line? If so, could you put all sub modules definitions to 'thing/build.sbt' and try it out? I define my project as in snippet below but in Scala object (extends Build trait) and it works like a charm.

lazy val root = Project(
    id = "root",
    file ("."),
    settings = buildSettings
              ++ Seq (description := "root")
              ++ Seq (libraryDependencies ++=
    ) aggregate core

lazy val core = Project(
    id = "Core",
    base = file ("Core module"),
    settings = buildSettings
              ++ Seq (description := "Core desc")
              ++ Seq (libraryDependencies ++=

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