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Item picker in Android like NumberPicker

The widget you're looking for is called WheelPicker and as always, there's already 3rd party libs just for this. Have a look.

In landscape mode the list should appear on the left half of the screen with a selection band that is vertically centered.

This could easily be done using appropriate styling and XML formatting.

On the right half is a button, which will act on the selected item in the list. The first item in the list should be in the center. That means the list is infinitely scrollable.

Again, appropriate styling and XML formatting.

I suggest you delve into the source of that WheelPicker and see how you could tailor it to your liking.

Hope this helps!

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The reason this happens is that the NumberPicker is the first (or only?) focusable element in your activity. You can trap the focus to your main layout view by adding this attribute to the root view: android:focusableInTouchMode="true"

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According to the documentation, Date()'s first argument is "the year minus 1900". That is why you get 3914 (=2014+1900). As the documentation also states, use Calendar or GregorianCalendar instead of Date.

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Try using a RelativeLayout instead. To center you will want to use something along the following lines for the constraints:- objRelativeLayout.Children.Add(objPicker, xConstraint: Constraint.RelativeToParent((parent) => { return ((parent.Width - objPicker.Width) / 2); }), yConstraint: Constraint.RelativeToParent((parent) => {

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