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RequestLocationUpdates throws Java.Lang.Exception

The provider you are trying to use doesn't exist on that device. You can check out the reason for IllegalArgumentException in the documentation

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Akka supervisor actor do not handle exception when child actor throws an exception within onFailure of a future
I think that the problem is that the exception thrown inside the Future doesn't belong to the same thread (potentially) as the one the Actor is running (someone more experienced can elaborate on this). So, the problem is that the exception thrown inside the Future body is "swallowed" and not propagated to the Actor. Since this is the case, the Actor doesn't fail and so there's no need to apply the

Categories : Scala
Libtiff's TIFFOpenW throws exception
Turns out you need to compile the library a bit differently when linking to debug mode project in Unicode. Go to your libtiff folder, and open nmake.opt for editing. Change the compilation flags to use debug CRT dlls (/MDd): OPTFLAGS = /Ox /MDd /EHsc /W3 /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE instead of just /MD Now rebuild the library. "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0VCinvcvars32.b

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c# ping class throws exception in monodevelop
I ran into this same issue a couple of days ago and the simplest fix/workaround is to run monodevelop as root. For example open a terminal and type: sudo monodevelop With monodevelop now open as root. Open your project and compile as normal and you should see it execute correctly. Hope this helps!

Categories : C#
setImageResource to an array of drawables throws nullpointer exception
use Int Array in the Place of Integer Array Int[] orbitalBodies = {R.drawable.dres, R.drawable.duna, R.drawable.eeloo, R.drawable.eve, R.drawable.jool, R.drawable.kerbin, R.drawable.kerbol, R.drawable.moho}; int planetId = getIntent.getExtras().getInt("intOrbitalId"); if(planetId!=null) { ImageView img = (ImageView)findViewById(; img.setImageResource(orbitalBodies[planetId]); } Bec

Categories : Android
log4j2 how to disable "date:" lookup - log4j throws exception
To disable the date lookup locally, you can add a "$" in front of the expression:"$${date:now:buhu}"); This will print ${date:now:buhu} instead of throwing an exception printing the stack trace. As for how to avoid this using Camel, I'm not sure. The cleanest fix would probably be a log4j2 update to disable their DateLookup feature. A temporary fix is to disable DEBUG level logs

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