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Exceptions in Thread

Do not swallow exceptions! I bet your 'img' is null. But you mute away the IOException. So if there is one, img is still null and subsequent calls on the reference - for example 'img.height()' - will throw an NPE.

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I am trying to call thread 2 from thread 1 (for five times in a loop), but thread 2 starts executing only after the loop in thread 1 is complete
You haven't shown the code that starts the threads, but it sounds like maybe you're assuming Runnables are Threads. They're not. A Runnable is just that: a thing you can run by calling its run() method. But it runs in the same thread you call it from. An example to see what I'm talking about: public static void main(String[] args) { final Thread mainThread = Thread.currentThread(); Runn

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main thread stopping and waiting for backround thread to finish before continuing
As people above commented, your while loop is not taking place inside the background thread, it is taking place inside the main UI thread. Only the method that you pass to the new instance of the thread (in this case getMus.GetMusic) is run in the background thread. Therefore, since the while loop is just going to run forever since you said while(true), this is what is blocking your UI from respon

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PrintDialog : The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it
The problem is that the document, or visual, that you're trying to print is currently displayed on the UI thread. In order to get around that, you'll need to recreate the visual. This means that you need something like a copy constructor. What this means is that you need to do ControlX doc = new ControlX(visualToPrint) which will create a new reference to the control on non-UI thread. From tha

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Android Snake Example. Is onDraw executed on Handlers thread or on the UI thread?
Your OnDraw() function is running on UI thread. Most of onDraw() function of View and its descendants are running in UI-thread. In the fact, the Handler is a helper class to pass Message from non UI-Thread to UI-Thread. When you call function of handler, this function will run on the thread who calls it. EDIT The parameter in onDraw(Canvas canvas) is passed by some when rendering. It is gotten b

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how to register multiple SocketChannel on one thread with a Selector on different thread
The time-consuming part is the actual read from/write to the channels. So basically you would Set up a set of socket channels Register all them to a selector. In your main selection thread call select(). Once return value > 0, get the set of selection keys and determine if you want to read/write on the associated channels. Create a thread pool. Do all your actual read/write to the channels by th

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