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Best practices for storing translatable android strings in DB

From your comments, I understand that your actual problem is storing a spinner value in the database.

As you're saying in your question, you shouldn't store the string of the spinner but an integer representing that value. And then use your spinner with a List< Integer > instead of a List< String >.

An alternative to that int index with no meaning is an enumeration :

public enum SpinnerValues {

    private int mStringResId;

    private SpinnerValues(int stringResourceId) {
        mStringResId = stringResourceId;

    public int getStringResId() {
        return mStringResId;

In that case, your spinner data would be List< SpinnerValue > and you would store your enum in database either with the ordinal or with the string representation of the enum (I would recommand the string value so that changing order of the enum values wouldn't break your database).

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