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Sync wear app on emulator with Eclipse

After a porting on Android Studio with exactly the same code, the app now works and I can deploy it on the wear emulator. So I think at least with the latest version of Eclipse the packaging of a wear app is completely broken. Migrate to Android Studio.

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How to generate an apk in Eclipse with files used in the emulator?
You cannot. You need to either generate your files other way and include in your apk during build process (usually stored in assets/ folder of your project) or get it from emulator and rebuild your apk including these files in your apk during build process (usually stored in assets/ folder of your project)

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Is that possible to create a Eclipse plug-in UI (just like a button/menu in Eclipse) to trigger a OSGi platform?
An Eclipse plug-in would allow you to insert the Button feature. Here you have a tutorial, however... Eclipse is itfself built on top of an OSGi framework: Equinox. Of course, you could embed an OSGi platform such as Knopflerfish or Apache Felix inside, but this would be a doubtful architecture. An Eclipse plug-in is itself an OSGi bundle, defined in a standard way with the MANIFEST.MF file. In

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Dependency Injection - Eclipse e4 app to eclipse plugin
You can add the @Creatable annotation to the Scale class to tell the injector to create a new instance when it is needed: @Creatable public class Scale { ... } If you only want a single instance of Scale add @Singleton: @Creatable @Singleton public class Scale { ... } You can also use an OSGi service to create singleton classes, or inject then in to the context in an AddOn or LifeCycle c

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e(fx)eclipse with eclipse Luna and Java8
I had faced similar issue when I had installed JavaFX eclipse plugin in a 32bit eclipse (Luna). It seems, though you have 64bit OS and 64bit JRE/JDK, and you have setup Environment Variables, you will need 64bit Eclipse to run JavaFX under Eclipse. Hence, make sure you have 64bit Eclipse running on your machine. If it is a 32bit machine, then there won't be any problem as neither we could install

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Debugging in in emulator with ionicframework
You can connect your device to chrome dev tools and debug your app. It works for Android and iOS. You may also use GapDebug, which is a free tool encapsulating chrome dev tools.

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